Reclaimed railway sleepers are great for numerous landscaping and garden projects.  Use them for building retaining walls, garden edging, steps or rustic outdoor furniture. This robust wood offers a timeless rustic look, perfect for contemporary and traditional gardens.

To celebrate the beginning of Autumn and a return to our much loved, but possibly neglected gardens, the guys in Landscape Supplies have reclaimed Red Gum railway sleepers up for grabs.

Take a look these inspirational ideas for using used railway sleepers in your garden.


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Railway Sleepers Railway Sleepers Furniture Railway Sleeper Furniture Railway Sleepers Railway Sleepers Railway Sleepers


Please note that Red Gum sleepers are not suitable for burning.  A few years ago the Firewood Association of Australia (FAA) issued a health alert regarding the dangers of burning old rail sleepers. Use as firewood is hazardous because old railway sleepers tend to have absorbed toxins over the years which can be released when the sleepers are burned. These include asbestos, oil and herbicides as well as small stones and grit that can also explode when heated.  These substances are released when the sleepers are burnt. But as long as they are not disturbed sleepers are safe the wood is safe for many purposes, even vegie gardens.