Brewing your own beer, cider, spirits or even non-alcoholic drinks such as Kefir, Kombucha and Ginger Beer is easy. At Wallington’s WRG you will find all your homebrew supplies in Melbourne & Geelong at competitive prices and excellent in-store service.

Our huge range of beer home brewing starter kits, hardware, ingredients, recipes and cleaning/sterilising products as well as our expert knowledge can help you in your quest for the perfect brew.

Whether you want to transform a bar fridge into a kegerator or start your home brewing experience from scratch, our staff will gladly provide advice about the type of equipment you need.

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Our range of brewing and distilling products include Grain Kits, Beer Starter Kits, Distilling Yeast & Sugars, Brewing Equipment,Distilling Equipment and much more. Our range of homebrew supplies in Melbourne & Geelong will have you covered for creating crisp draught beers and top-shelf spirits and liqueurs.


Wallington’s WRG stocks stainless steel kegs, beer taps, CO2 bottles and more. We also offer expert advice in-store, so come in and browse our supplies and a staff member will advise what you need to create crisp beer at home.


Wallington’s WRG stocks a range of cleaning and sanitising equipment and products to help ensure your home brew isn’t ruined by contamination.

We recommend using Star San sanitiser which is used in many commercial breweries and wineries. It is an acid-based, no-rinse sanitiser which will not affect the smell or taste of your brew. Our experienced staff can advise you on your cleaning requirements.


Having the ability to properly measure your quantities and test your brew for the right balance and temperatures is crucial to getting it perfect.

Our range of measuring and testing products will help you do this.