Wallington's WRG is the ultimate destination for your rural requirements in the Wallington, Bellarine, and Geelong regions. Explore our extensively stocked store, offering a diverse selection of farming equipment, feed, and essential supplies tailored to the distinct needs of rural communities. Our team of experienced professionals is committed to assisting you in finding the perfect products to fulfil your rural necessities, while also providing invaluable guidance on optimizing your land and resources. Whether you're a dedicated farmer, diligent rancher, or proud owner of rural property, we have an extensive range of items to ensure the vitality and prosperity of your land and livestock. Experience the convenience of Wallington's WRG for all your rural essentials.



Discover our extensive collection of farm animal health products that cater to all your needs. Our range includes a wide variety of essential items such as drenches, pour-ons, injections, vaccinators, stock restraints, supplements, and markers & identification solutions. From keeping your animals healthy to ensuring proper care and management, we have everything you require. Explore our comprehensive selection of farm animal health products for optimal results.


Our farm department stocks a comprehensive range of rural supplies to ensure healthy pastures, crops and animals.

Our staff are experienced in providing advice about chemicals for agricultural purposes and will focus on a strategy to manage your farm and crops for long-term health. From pest control through to bulk fertilisation, we have the argi-chemicals your farm needs to flourish and thrive.

We stock market-leading brands, including Nufarm agriculture chemicals and Incitec Pivot fertilisers. At Wallington’s WRG we have all your farming requirements covered, including your animal health and stock-feed needs. 


Wallington’s extensive range of rural and farm fencing is made of high-quality and sturdy materials designed to keep your livestock safe and secure.

Our fencing supplies include:
  • electric fences
  • farm gates
  • treated pine fencing
  • wire fencing
  • fencing suitable for horses

As well as all the tools and fence accessories designed to make your fencing job safer and easier. We also stock wire and equipment for balustrading. Wallington’s WRG has all your farming supplies needs covered, including agriculture chemicals and stock feed at competitive prices. 


Wallington's WRG offers a wide selection of high-quality horse supplies, encompassing feed, health products, tack, accessories, grooming essentials, and saddlery. Find all your equestrian needs fulfilled with our diverse range of products.


Discover Wallington's vast collection of poultry supplies, featuring an extensive range of feeders, waterers, health products, and delectable treats. Keep your feathered friends happy and healthy with our top-notch selection of poultry essentials. From providing nourishing feed to ensuring optimal health, we have everything you need to care for your poultry flock. Explore our diverse inventory today and make your poultry keeping experience a breeze.


Wallington’s WRG stocks an expansive range of stock feed which is available for bulk delivery in Geelong and district. We have a range of fresh feed, pellets, concentrates and premixes specifically formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of dairy cattle, pigs, poultry, horses and other livestock.
Our friendly staff can  advise you on the best supplements and types of feed to improve and maintain optimal animal health and condition. We stock major brands of stock feed, including Barastock, Cop Rice, Hygain, Mitavite, Lauke Mills, Speedi-beet, Kentucky Equine Research and more.
We also stock a comprehensive range of troughs, feeders and waterers for all variety of livestock.