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Make your garden your pride and joy with our range of gardening supplies, including garden irrigation supplies, lawn seed, garden care products and garden tools. We have the supplies to transform and maintain your garden, only fifteen minutes from Geelong.

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Garden Watering

We’ve got garden hose and garden sprinklers for homes big and small.  We stock tap ready garden hose and hose on the reel, cut to measure. As well as everything you need for your average garden hose, including nozzles, triggers, tap fittings, hose reels and sprinkler attachments, Wallington’s stock a complete range of products for DIY sprinkler and drip irrigation systems.

Wallington’s stock a complete range of products for DIY sprinkler and drip irrigation systems. Our extensive range of poly fittings, pipes and joiners are conveniently displayed in our Irrigation Supplies department for the experienced DIY-er to pick and choose their parts. Our knowledgeable staff are also on hand to help.

When you need the right gear and the best advice for your garden irrigation, Wallington’s is the place to visit. Only 15minutes from Geelong on the Bellarine Highway, we’re open 7-days.

Garden Tools

Our professional-quality gardening tools are suitable for daily use by a professional landscape gardener and will make light work of any home gardening job. We stock shovels and spades for digging, picks and other cultivating equipment including garden forks, hoes, lawn and leaf rakes. We have pruning and cutting tools including shears, loppers, saws and hand tools such as trowels and hand forks. Our experienced staff can advise you on the tool you need for your level of gardening ability.

In addition to our extensive range of garden supplies, Wallington’s WRG also stocks hardware including hand tools.

Plant & Garden Care

Wallington’s WRG stocks an extensive range of plant and garden care products for novice home gardeners through to professional landscape gardeners. Our friendly staff will happily advise on types of potting mix and fertilisers for vegetable gardens, Australian native trees and plants, fruit trees, flowers, shrubs and more.

Our range of insecticides, fungicides and herbicides will keep garden pests, plant diseases and weed control at bay. Feed and grow your lawn with type-specific seeds, powders and liquid lawn fertilisers. We have a comprehensive range of accessories in-store too, to help you spread seed, water evenly and remove weeds with ease.

Open seven days a week a short drive from central Geelong, visit Wallington’s WRG for specific plant, lawn and garden care products. Our garden supplies also includes gardening tools to help you create a garden you can be proud of and enjoy year-round.



Wallington’s WRG has a great selection of irrigation supplies for home gardens, farm and rural needs. Whether you are a professional plumber, landscaper or home gardener wanting to install an irrigation system, our friendly staff will happily advise on the products to suit your needs. Our huge range of pipes and fittings, water pumps and water tanks are on display for your convenience, pick out just the parts you need. We can also service and repair water pumps.

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Pipe & Fittings

We have a full range of pipe and fittings for farming and rural applications as well as suburban gardening, including: drip tubes, wire pegs, brass, copper and galvanised valves, elbows, reducers, joiners, nozzles, caps and more to successfully complete your irrigation project.  Located just outside central Geelong, our friendly irrigation supplies staff will assist you with choosing which pipes and fittings you need to irrigate your home garden or rural landscape.  In addition to rural irrigation supplies Wallington’s WRG has a range of farm supplies such as agricultural chemicals to help your pastures thrive. 

Pump Service Repair

At Wallington’s WRG we service and repair all types of water pumps including irrigation, pool and spa pumps. We also stock a selection of spare parts which we can use in-store to repair your pump. It is important to regularly maintain your water pump to ensure it works efficiently and to extend its life span. If you have a pump which has ceased working simply bring it into our store located just outside Geelong and we will repair it for you.

If your water pump cannot be fixed you can purchase a new one in-store, we have a comprehensive range of water tank pumps for sale. We also stock slimline water tanks and home irrigation supplies.

Water Pumps

Wallington’s WRG have pumps for all purposes including pool pumps, sump and drainage pumps, water tank pumps, pumps to boost water pressure and a great range of energy efficient pumps.  To help you protect your property against fire, we stock engine driven fire pumps and our knowledgeable staff can help you select the right fire pump and fire hose for you.

Wallington’s WRG has all your plumbing and irrigation needs including water tanks, pipe and fitting. We can also service and repair your pump.


Water Tanks

Wallington’s WRG stocks a variety of water tanks which are available to be professionally installed and maintained. We stock slimline water tanks for smaller blocks as well as underground water tanks. Our rain water storage tanks come in an attractive range of finishes and are made from durable poly and plastic materials. The size of the water tank you choose is usually determined by available space, but our experienced staff will advise on other factors to consider like position of existing down pipes and total collection area. We also stock water tank pumps and offer a repair service in-store. Located a short drive from Geelong’s CBD, you’ll find all your water and irrigation needs under one roof.