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Wallington's WRG has a massive range of home & hardware supplies. Our extensive range includes automotive products, cleaning supplies, pest control, hand & power tools and a range of safety equipment and outdoor apparel. 


Automotive Supplies

Wallington's WRG has a wide range of automotive consumables to help you keep your vehicle on the road. Our range consists of products such as oil and lubricants, as well as spare parts and accessories for your vehicles. 


Cleaning Supplies

Wallington's WRG has all your cleaning needs for in and around your home tohelpyou maintain that clean & fresh feeling. Our range consists of products including detergents, other cleaning aids and hardware such as mops and buckets. 


Home Hardware

Wallington's WRG stocks a range of home hardware products. These include bathroom flooring product, kitchen accessories and storage, power accessories, mobile phone accessories and a range of hardware such as hinges, padlocks, hooks and clips. 


Pest Control

Wallington's WRG has an extensive range of products to protect you and your family from invasive animals, rodents and insects. 



Wallington's WRG has a comprehensive range of high-quality tools, including hand tools and power tools as well as accessories. We stock the most comprehensive range of Switzerland-manufactured Felco hand tools in all of Geelong. 


Safety & Apparel 

Wallington's WRG helps you stay safe by stocking all your safety needs. Our extensive safety gear range consists of products including ear and eye protection, gloves, vests, and a massive range of the highest-quality work boots.