Creating your own Cheese, Sausages, Butter and other craft foods is an excellent way to tailor the taste of food by the way that you create it.

Wallington’s WRG stocks a wide range of specialty kits including but not limited to Sausage Making Kits, Ginger Beer Kits, Cheese Kits & Cultures, Sourdough Kits, Kefir Kits and Yoghurt Kits in addition to all of our regular home brewing kits. We also offer expert advice in-store, so come in and browse our supplies and a staff member will advise what you need to create delicious craft foods at home.

We also have a full range of top-up kits, accessories and equipment so you can continue to use your kits well after the first batch. Creating craft foods at home is both rewarding and cost effective for lovers of flavour and choice.