Are you thinking of putting down instant turf in your garden but unsure how much you'll need or the final cost of the turf? The landscaping team at Wallington's WRG have put together this handy guide for you!

How Much Does Instant Turf Cost?

Everybody wants value for money, but how do you work out what value is for you? Maybe you have just built a new home or purchased the house of your dreams and want a fresh and inviting space to entertain guests. Just like a plush new carpet inside your home, the lawn you choose will play a huge role in how good your home will look and how easy it is to keep looking good for years to come.


A grass lawn is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve home value and modify the appearance and feel of your property. In fact, many real estate agents nowadays urge clients to maintain their lawns before putting their houses on the market.

You can roughly expect to pay between $13.00 – $18.00 per square metre. This is just for the grass itself; you may have extra costs involved with the delivery, prep and installation. It's best to start by measuring your area and using Wallington's WRG handy turf calculator. It will help you plan and design your lawn, even if the area is oddly shaped as the calculator can map out anything from a square, rectangle, circle or even a triangle.

Installing Instant Turf

It’s very easy to install instant lawn yourself, if you plan to get in a landscaper to help complete your project, it’s advisable to use landscapers accredited in lawn installation and irrigation to ensure it’s done right the first time. You can also follow our handy installation and preparation guide which can be found here

Laying instant turf is a very affordable landscaping option for your garden, even with premium instant turf, it’s an inexpensive choice. You could also look into installing a water feature, pond or making a decorative path with pavers but natural lawns also come with a whole range of eco-friendly benefits. They include:

20% cooler than bare ground,

30% cooler than concrete or pavers,

40% cooler than synthetic lawn

That means a whole lot of savings in electricity and cooling costs. It’s estimated that a lawn also increases the value of your home by up to 18%.

Product Quality

When buying with Wallington’s WRG, you will have the benefit and security of knowing your instant lawn is coming from a Lawn Solutions Australia member. LSA members are under a strict code of conduct and quality control is a hallmark of becoming an LSA member. Lawn Solutions Australia handpick the best to make up its membership, and Wallington’s WRG is very proud to be a member.

All of our instant turf products are produced on the farms of fellow member Anco. They have been supplying quality lawns for over 40 years. Anco is also one of the very few licensed supplied of the Sir Walter DNA Certified buffalo grass that has been tested against the original. This means you’re getting the certified product and not a cheaper fake.

Why Do Different Lawn Types Vary In Price?

First, we need to point out that each lawn type has different attributes that suit different uses and environments.

  • Kikuyu grass like Eureka Kikuyu is a quick grower that is great for open spaces where you need rapid spread

  • Couch grass such as Nullarbor Santa Ana Couch loves full sun and is great for sporting areas where you require hard playing surfaces

  • Buffalo grass like Sir Walter DNA Certified is perfect for homes in full sun or shade where you want low maintenance and a soft lawn for your family to play on

The overall price differences are largely attributed to the time your instant lawn needs to be nurtured on the farm before it’s ready to be delivered.

Which Lawn Type Is Right For Me?

The good news is that you can pick and choose what works best for you because there are so many different instant lawn alternatives. High-maintenance grass, on the other hand, needs more mowing and tends to get friendly with your garden beds, costing you money and time. If gardening is something you enjoy doing, this may be the right choice for you.

Lower-maintenance grass is attractive and easy to maintain, saving you both money and time. If you want to spend some time admiring your yard from a garden chair, this is the ideal option.


Choosing the ideal instant turf for your needs is crucial to your long-term happiness and financial well-being. It saves you both money and aggravation if you get it right the first time. You can find a detailed breakdown of each turf type we offer here but if you are unsure which grass type is right for you? Give us a call at (03) 5250 2056 or visit our landscaping office at 370 Grubb Road Wallington.

Our team are always around and would happily answer any questions you have about each grass type. Furthermore, we have a library of information, tips and guides here for you to browse.