Silicone Spray Lubricant Protect Shine Restore 300g Aerosol Spray Can

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Helmar H4000 Silicone Spray is a non-staining silicone oil used for lubrication and it's protective properties for applications in industry, automotive, sporting and around the home.
In fact, there isn't a place where this product couldn't be used.
Some examples of Helmar H4000 Silicone Spray's applications are:

Industrial: Lubricates sliding surfaces, cutting dies, mould release, parting agent, heat sealing equipment, spatter guard, prevents adhesive build up, lubricates knives, saw blades, needle points, repels ink and water. Lubricates curtain and vertical blind tracking.

Household: Curtain tracking, vertical drape tracking, frees sticky draws, sliding windows and door tracking, hinges, garage doors, zippers, luggage.
Spray on furniture, patent leather shoes, handbags, etc for a brilliant shine.

Automotive: Doors, Locks, hinges, silence noisy fan belts, waterproof ignition systems, lubricate rubber mountings, dashboards, insulate electrical systems, speedometer cables, window channels, remove dashboard squeaks, for an excellent shine spray on tyres, rubber mouldings, leather or vinyl interiors.

Please Note: Due to Aviation Safety requirements, this item will be set via ROAD FREIGHT ONLY


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