It just doesn’t get more local than Bearded Lady Goap Soap.

Right down the road from Wallington’s WRG, Bearded Lady Goat Soap was a business that sprung up from the lockdowns and was a product of the constant hand sanitizing everyone found themselves doing.

Having originally gotten the goats as pets to simply occupy space on their acreage in Wallington’s, Chris & Shannon from Bearded Lady Goat Soap now found themselves with an abundance of goat's milk and free time. Having experimented with using it to make soaps for friends and family in the past they saw the lockdowns as an opportunity to share their rich and nourishing soaps with their community. Being Wallington locals, Chris & Shannon were inspired by the surge in support for local producers and saw the Wallington’s Local Pantry as the perfect fit to stock their products. They believe it’s everyone's responsibility in a community to put back in and support each other.

Their most popular product, the Mocha Cream Latte, has an amazingly rich aroma which they attribute to the “Bellarine Blend” local coffee they use in its creation. A rich and beautiful aroma is something all of their products share and their range of soaps contain no nasty additives or chemicals resulting in an amazingly creamy and milky lather.