Fasties Honey is raw, unadulterated, local honey, made with love by Bellarine local bees.

The Wallington local owner, Grant, loves Beekeeping and sees it as a wonderful hobby that has turned into a small local business in which to provide his community with high quality honey, completely removed from artificial ingredients and dilution used in supermarket honey. Fasites Honey is a business of thousands, as Grant explains it, himself and the bees. Having always had an interest in making food products himself, Grant was introduced to Beekeeping by a friend who gave him 2 hives to start and has now built to over 40 hives spread throughout the Bellarine Peninsula. By spreading the hives throughout the Geelong and Bellarine Peninsula region the honey is given a differing taste depending on the surrounding forage and when mixed together makes an amazingly unique flavoured Bellarine Blend.

Armed with his trusty 3 ply beekeeping suit, pine needle smoker and hive tool, Grant’s 40 hives throughout the Bellarine Peninsula will produce roughly 250-300 Litres of honey each season. Fasties Honey’s biggest challenge is wet weather. It’s a balancing act, Grant describes, between harvesting enough local honey to sell and leaving enough to get his bees through the winters where foraging is almost an impossibility.

What initially started with giving the honey to friends and family has now built up to a network of suppliers, shops, cafes and consumers around the Bellarine Peninsula and Geelong who love Fasties Honey. Fasties Honey is motivated to keep providing high quality honey and to help give back to the community who helped him when starting in the hobby. To perfectly complement your Fasties Honey, mix it with some local cheese to properly enhance the unique flavour.