Tuscan Toppings, also known as Donnybrook Topping, is an excellent topping for driveways, paths or any high traffic area in your garden.

Tuscan Toppings Tuscan Toppings Tuscan Toppings Tuscan Toppings Tuscan Toppings

The name Tuscan Topping refers to its attractive terracotta colour. It is made of crushed sandstone and if you look closely you’ll notice a complex combination of pale pink through to peachy orange and shades of bronze.

Like any quality topping, Tuscan Toppings is made up of small pebbles as well as fine sand. This composition allows the material to compact to a hard surface while still being permeable.

Tuscan Topping is well known for its excellent drainage qualities. Even on heavy clay soils, Tuscan Topping drains exceptionally well so you won’t have any issues with mud and puddles.

For best results it is advisable to use a Compaction plate whacker to compact Tuscan Toppings. This will ensure a firm and level surface for your driveway and path. Compaction is the best way to safeguard against the effects of erosion.

Use Tuscan Toppings elsewhere

Tuscan Toppings 

Tuscan Toppings also work well as an inorganic mulch. The natural hues make an especially attractive background to set off native grasses. There is little need for compaction when using Tuscan Topping as a garden mulch. Being permeable to water Tuscan Toppings work well on garden beds. As an inorganic mulch, Tuscan Topping will help your garden retain moisture and regulate soil temperature. It is also a great way to control weeds. This will let your ornamental species stand out and survive against unwanted weeds.

Tuscan Toppings is used as an alternative to both pavers and lawn. It is hardwearing and low maintenance. Since it compacts well and stays put, Tuscan topping is approved by Geelong Council for use on nature strips. This is great if you don’t want to spend your weekend on extra mowing. Just set, press and forget! It looks good too.

Tuscan Toppings

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