Treat them to some of the best dog products of 2021. Wallington's WRG has a wide range of toys, treats, bedding and accessories to help ease your dog into the transition of you no longer working from home.

But how do you choose the right item for your pooch? Our Pet Desk team have come up with the best dog recommendations in each category.

The Best Dog Health Award Goes To: TROPICLEAN

Cleaning your dog's teeth can be a real hassle.  But with TropiClean's water additive products, it just got a whole lot easier! Simply add it to your dog's water bowl and watch them drink away the plaque and tartar. The best part is that it comes in four great health solutions, From Skin and Coat care to Hip & Joint Health. Tropiclean has all the solutions you need to cure that doggy breath.

The Best Dog Toy Award Goes To: TASTY BONE

Tasty Bone offers the biggest flavour range of all dog toys on the market. From peanut butter to Chicken Cordon Blue, Tasty Bone has it all. These durable bones were made in the UK from the best quality virgin nylon from the highest standards. Infused with the most mouth-watering flavours.

The Best Dog Harness Award Goes To: ROGZ

Rogz has the most colours and style selection of harnesses, leads and collars in the entire Wallinton's WRG retail warehouse. With over 160 unique items in the range, you can't go wrong! Our team at the Pet Desk are standing by to help your pooch get fitted with a brand new collar, harness or fashionable lead.

The Best Dog Food Award Goes To: BLACK HAWK

Black Hawk source its ingredients from local communities and from regional Aussie farmers. Their dry dog food is a great source of protein, energy and fibre for your dog's diet. Their working dog range is especially great as it contains 32% protein to help rapid tissue repair from long days herding sheep and cattle.

The Best Dog Bedding Award Goes To: FUZZYARD

Fuzzyard has the softest doughnut-shaped pet beds for small, medium and large dogs. In the words of Missy Elliot, it’s time to put that thing down, flip it and reverse it with our range of the comfiest reversible beds in the world! (..and we really mean it). Designed in Australia with premium velvety plush lining and our feather-soft filling, your pup will think it's sleeping on a cloud.

The Best Dog Grooming Award Goes To: PURINA

Purina Petlife has the best range of doggy brushes, scissors and undercoat combs. Keeping your dog's fur tangle-free and soft is easy with their easy clean large hair slicker.

The Best Dog Flea Treatment Award Goes To: NEXGARD

Nexgard is the next best thing for flea and tick treatment. This chew works against fleas, ticks, mites and flea tapeworm. Nexgard can be used in all dogs from 8 weeks of age and greater than 2kg so there are plenty to choose from in order to keep your furry friend safe from Fleas and other nasty parasites

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