Acid Buffer Seachem 600G

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Acid Buffer is a phosphate-free buffer solution designed to lower the pH of the water.

It can be used together with Alkaline Buffer. Both preparations are intended for plant aquariums or tanks with very hard water, where phosphate buffers can accelerate the growth of undesirable algae or cause turbidity of the water. "Acid Buffer" lowers the pH, and when used with "Alkaline Buffer" it maintains its buffer capacity in the range of 5.0 - 8.0. By lowering the pH value, "Acid Buffer" causes the decomposition of salts that cause carbonate hardness and the release of carbon dioxide absorbed by the plants. It can also be used to lower the pH of salt water.
The most important feature that distinguishes "Acid Buffer" from other similar products is the absence of phosphates. Therefore, it is recommended for use in plant aquariums, where excess phosphates could accelerate the growth of undesirable algae.

Directions for use:

In order to reduce the pH, use ¼ teaspoon (2g) of the preparation daily for every 80l of water in the tank until the desired pH is obtained (this amount of "Acid Buffer" reduces the alkalinity by about 0.2 meq / l, or 0.6dKH). If the water is hard or has high alkalinity, more can be used.
For gradual pH correction, or if the water is soft or insufficiently buffered, the use of "Acid Buffer" and "Alkaline Bufer" is recommended. In this case, it is advisable to use the reference table below. The values ​​in it refer to the water purified in the RO or RO / DI filter. In the case of tap water, it may be necessary to adjust the ratio of both buffers.


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